Laura Love's Ice Cream Sundae Bar


Bringing back the good old days....................

How would you like to go back in time to the 1950’s Ice Cream and Soda Shops?

Have a Malted, Listen to Music and Doo Wop……

Stroll on in…for a Sundae A Soda Float or A Milkshake……

Our Ice Cream Bar has what it takes.........To bring back the good old days........

When Life Was Sweet! 

We will happily create and serve any one of our Homemade Ice Cream Treats!


Remember when dancing was done in Bobby Socks?

Now You can Enjoy our 1950's Musical Songs Jukebox!..............

Avalon Towers - Long Beach

Avalon Towers Pool Patio (Long Beach) 

Avalon Towers Pool Patio (Long Beach) 

Avalon Towers Pool Patio (Long Beach) 

Avalon Courtyard (Glen Cove) 

Avalon Pool Patio (Garden City) ("Friends Having Fun") 

Avalon Club House (Garden City) 

Avalon At Westbury

Avalon Community Room with Friends (Westbury) 

Avalon (Westbury)

Enjoying Malted Milkshakes!!

Avalon Community Room (Westbury) 


Reseident Fun At The Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

Gina 50th Wedding Anniversary Party (Bellmore)

Gina's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Birthday Party! (Northport)

1950's Birthday Bash!

Candy Cart for Kids!

Ice Cream Bar Video!

Karate School Backyard Barbecue Pool Party (Middle Island)

Karate School Celebration!(Middle Island)

Enjoying the Malted Milkshake!

Corinthia's Communion Party (Middle Island)

Communion Day Celebration(Middle Island)

Having a game of checkers !

Jayda's Sweet-16 & Melissa (Mom) (St. Francis Parish Hall) (East Meadow)

Lecycia's 1st B-day Party (Massapequa Hall)

1 Year Birthday Celebration!(Massapequa)

Everyone Enjoying The Ice-Cream Sundae Bar!

Baby Shower in Polish Hall (Garden City)

Included In Our Package

Enjoy our Watermelon, Lemon or Rainbow Italian Ices!(Unlimited!)

Popcorn & Sundaes!

And our "Retro" Hot Air Popcorn Machine (Unlimited with Bags)


Add our 1950's Candy Cart

Unlimited 1950's Candy Cart


What did you like most about our Ice Cream Bar?

Avalon Towers (Long Beach)

  • Phyllis: Delicious, A real Treat!
  • Kathleen: Great Sundae!
  • Bob: Chocolate Shake
  • Ed: Chocolate Vanilla Shake
  • Barry: Everything! Canopy, Music, Ice Cream & the People who ran it!
  • Jen & Summer: Candy!!
  • Max: Feels like I'm back in the 50's
  • Allan: Great Servers
  • Glen: Love It!
  • Dan: Great Service!
  • Ashley: Malts! and Lovely service!
  • Robert: Love Laura's Ice cream!
  • Ken: Fun Experiencing Again!
  • Bob: mmmmmmmmm !!!!
  • Bill: Great Idea!!

Avalon Towers Resident Appreciation Day! (Long Beach)

  • Ray: Love the Ice Cream Stand and the Music! The Ice Cream is the Best!!
  • Glen: I Love Lucy and I Love You!
  • Jenny: A Lovely Day and a Great Time with you, Love the Set-up!
  • Joe: Sweet and Friendly! Love this Idea!
  • Robert: Great Time! Love You Guys

Avalon Of Glen Cove

  • Autumn: It's Yummy and Delicious!!
  • Brad: Great for any Party!!
  • April: It's Wonderful!
  • Mike & Sheila: Beautiful! Thank You :)
  • Dr. Hasvazsnus & Sylvia: This reminds me of my Childhood!!
  • Madison: Really Cool!!
  • Miller: Super Display!
  • Angel Torres: Wonderful Environment & Very Delicious!
  • Kiya: Everything I Tasted was Really Good!
  • Arnie: Delicious Ice Cream Flavors! Yummy!!!
  • Peter: Great! I Had Seconds!!!!
  • Bob Pagver: WoonderBar!!!!!!!!!
  • Izzy: Great Malteds!
  • Ana Laura: Great Event!!
  • Lee Jakobson: What Fun!!! Keep Coming Back!!
  • Guy Ledan: Nice People - Sweet!! Amazing Ice Cream!!
  • Nancy Andre: Better than a traditional Ice Cream Shop!!

Avalon Of Garden City

  • Mitch Drucker: Super Delicious!!
  • Sharon Cooper: This is Amazing!
  • Tom Stanton: I Loved all the ice-cream flavors!
  • Dory & Rich Feldman: Love the selection and the setup. Thank-you!
  • Elexus Robles: Love it!!! Adorable!
  • Aron Telepak: Very Lively!!
  • Wendy Huey: Excellent service and novelty candies!!
  • Jordana Haman: Great unexpected treat at the pool!!!!

Gina's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party (Bellmore)

  • Alyssa: Everything! Adorable & Delicious!
  • Tiffany: The Vanilla Shake! Candies from the 50's!
  • Glen & Sandra: Everything was Delicious & Taste Great!
  • Brian: The Vinyl Records!
  • Sara Falotio: Happy 50th Anniversary!
  • John Di Leone: Original!!
  • Mitchel Terzulli: Great!
  • Melina Terzulli: Awesome!! Neat!!
  • Mike P. Happy 50th Great Ice Cream!
  • Lella: The Woman Were So Sweet!
  • Stephen: The Service was Excellent!
  • Gina: Perfect Theme! Simply Amazing! You Made The Party So Fun! Thx!!
  • Julia: Everything! It's Perfect!
  • Dennis: Love It!!
  • Yelissa & Aliviei: The Chocolate Shakes! The Whole Thing!
  • William: Everything I Got Was Extravagant!!


  • Suzanne: Love your sign and Juke Box!
  • Jackie: Love the popcorn and the ices!
  • Nick: So Original!! Love it!!
  • Lisa & Family: Love it very much. Great Ices. Best 50's Theme!!
  • Sandy & Drew: The rockin' 50's Vibe!
  • Lucy: Love the Milk Shakes!!

Karate School Backyard Barbecue Pool Party (Middle Island)

  • Nikki: I Love the whole setup
  • Eden: Great Service
  • Jeremy: The Decoration & the multible choices of icecream
  • Angie: The Ice cream, popcorn (awsome setup & music)
  • Leanne: Milkshake is incredible!!
  • Sarah: Sundae!!
  • Brennan: Gumball Machine!!
  • Tristan: I like the cherries
  • Cohnbeny: The shakes are really good
  • Gabriel: Amazing everything!

Avalon Of Westbury

  • Barbie: Enjoyed it very much!
  • Jerry: "Ditto"
  • Brianna: Very Cute! Many different options. Thanks!
  • Joan: Love the Shakes!
  • Redmond/ Lopez Family: The service & Treats were Great!
  • Sachi: Vanilla & Chocolate Sundaes Enjoyed.
  • Juliette: Good stuff & Great music!
  • Matt: Original & Fun!
  • Anastasia: Lots of Options & Choices!


Gina 50th Wedding Anniversary (Bellmore)

Amazing pics and videos! Thanks for taking everything! Can't thank you enough! Everything was perfect!! Gina

Lisa's Birthday Party for "Dad" (Northport)​

Hi Laura

Oh my gosh. These are great. Thank you so much for sending me these pics and video and everything


I’m glad everyone loved the ice cream bar!

Everyone loved it! Thank you again for all you did to make the birthday party special.

God bless. ❤



Shaneesha and Daphene Baby Shower (Hempstead)

Thank You for Everything and the pictures! Everything was amazing! I will definitely recommend you to others for future parties! And i cant wait to work with you for future events! You and your staff were amazing! And thanks so much you did a great job with Both Bar Services!

Jayda's Sweet-16 & Melissa (Mom) (St. Francis Parish Hall) (East Meadow)

Thanks so much! Everyone enjoyed you and the Ice Cream Bar so much! I'm sure we will cross paths again! It would be a pleasure to have you guys again! Melissa

Corinthia Communion Party! (Middle Island)



Butterfly Bar